David P. Porreca, President, Managing Partner

Mr. Porreca has had three different careers: as a military officer with extensive experience in combat; a research scientist and high-technology products developer; and as an entrepreneurial creator and founder of technology partnerships and corporations.

Mr. Porreca began his high tech career while in the U.S. Army. After multiple combat tours as an infantry officer, for which he was decorated numerous times, he became the Nuclear Effects and Targets Intelligence Officer, working directly for General Alexander Haig in NATO Europe. On that tour of duty he learned to design and develop very large-scale, geographically-dispersed distributed systems, composed of many calculation -heavy and time-sensitive informational components. That is where his high-tech career began. After leaving the Army, Mr. Porreca served as a Research Scientist at Research and Development Associates {RDA}; and then Director of Advanced Programs at Science Applications Incorporated, {now SAIC}, before joining the then new Titan Corporation in 1982.

At Titan Corporation, as Vice President and Chief Scientist, he quickly built a very successful Applied Engineering Group. The core of this Group became the most renown and profitable knowledge engineering team in the defense market place. The Knowledge-Based Engineering Toolset {KBEST} developed by his team at Titan, became the intelligent systems environment that re-defined the industry.

Mr. Porreca began his entrepreneurial career as founder of Expersoft in August, 1989. As CEO, President and Chairman of the Board, he developed the company into a market leader in distributed object-oriented technology. The Expersoft team created a real-time object-oriented software development environment; and toolkits for genetic learning, fuzzy associative memory, and other knowledge- based problem-solving paradigms.

Beginning in 1995, Mr. Porreca created Transnational Partners, the first of several, successful, virtual high-technology and scientifically-oriented companies. In January 1999, he sold these partnerships, and accompanied and merged one of them, Transnational Partners II, into the Titan Corporation, re-joining Titan to create Cayenta Inc.

Cayenta, Inc., a subsidiary of the Titan Corporation, became the first national Total Solutions Provider (TSP). Cayenta designed and developed a national network operating center, and provided their own managed applications software, accessible to customers as an internet service. Interoperably linked with other remotely hosted applications, Cayenta’s managed applications were seamlessly made available remotely to corporations as a comprehensive systems solution. This was a first in distributed enterprise computing.

Mr. Porreca, having accomplished his mission of helping to re-invent the Titan Corporation, retired from Titan in early 2002.

Mr. Porreca’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Niagara University in 1965; and a Masters of Science degree from Alfred University in 1972.


Dona Porreca, Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Dona H. Porreca, is the Chief Financial Officer and Partner of Beagle Holdings LLC. Ms. Porreca provides her expertise in managing the broad based financial responsibilities of Beagle Holdings. She has many years of experience handling the monetary needs of several partnerships and limited liability companies.

In 1980, Ms. Porreca began her career in financial management in the real estate industry. She was administrative assistant to one of Washington, D.C.’s leading commercial real estate developers. In that role, she handled the finances for a multitude of limited partnerships. After serving for five years in that capacity, she moved to San Diego and became the Assistant to the Regional Manager of Fieldstone Communities, a premier homebuilder in Southern California. During Ms. Porreca’s ten years with Fieldstone, at various times, she served as an administrator, office manager, space planner and sales & marketing manager.

During the 1990’s Ms. Porreca assisted Mr. Porreca in creating Transnational Partners, Transnational Partners II and III, Transnational VanTek, Component Arts, and other high-technology and strategic, integration and consultancy companies. This network of virtual companies became the foundation of several successful partnerships and investments. As a Transnational Managing Partner, she was responsible for developing the economic and financial operating policy of these companies. In the capacity of CFO, she also managed the accounting, billing, treasury, financial reporting and banking operations.

Since 1991, Ms. Porreca has served on the Board of the Urban Corps of San Diego and for the last five years as its President of the Board. She has also been instrumental in raising funds for the City of Hope, Girl Scouts, The American Cancer Society, and The San Diego Blood Bank.

Ms. Porreca graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1965.


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