Mergers and Acquisitions

Beagle's partners have participated in, or been part of, many mergers and acquisitions. Beagle's primary role now is performance of technological and customer relationship management due diligence. One of the primary reasons mergers disappoint is the technological and cultural incompatibility that most often exists between merging entities. Rarely are interoperability maps drawn
up as part of the due diligence process. In addition, pipeline reviews, even if rigorously performed, very rarely reveal the quanta of satisfaction or dissatisfaction that is present in the current customer base. The correlation between current state of customer satisfaction and longer term confidence in pipeline estimates is one of the least well understood statistics in all of customer-sales management relationships, and of critical importance in the M & A due diligence process.

Beagle Holdings and partners, affiliates like the Zazi Forum, and our world-wide colleagues have the working relationships, experience, and technology-know how to guide their clients through the most complex of international M&A transactions. Most often we are engaged by the domestic client. We have also been engaged most recently by foreign clients, but prefer to represent the North American and Transamerica client since our goal is equity not fees, and we want stock options and warrants in the domestic firms rather than the emerging market firms. Our clients also select us frequently to subcontract our services to the transaction firm that is representing them so we can be an objective participant in the entire vetting and technical/business model evaluation. Our advice is strictly technical, business model oriented, and operational, not financial. Most often we do this as a subcontractor to the investment bank or transaction firm that one-side or the other has hired as representative on the sell or buy side. Our advice to the prime contractor is strictly technical and operational, not financial. And we are rarely interested in other than international or transnational transactions as that is our primary business focus.



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