Early Stage Company Clients

Beagle Holdings is neither an investment company nor a financial advisory firm. We typically work on retainer to cover expenses and insure our clients have some skin in the effort. But our principal goal is to be compensated via stock options, warrants, or other forms of equity ownership. 
We work with excellent firms that we can recommend and who provide these financial or advisory services to clients upon request. And given that we have been principals in 10 early stage start-ups and have advised on many others over the past 20 years, we have experienced almost every seed, secondary, and multistage capitalization model that has been tried. From "boot-strap", to "friends and family", "angel", venture, private equity, commercial bank, or corporate acquisition/subsidiary and integration! Thus, we can help you select the right firm for your needs, and we do not accept any finder's fee or other compensation from them, nor have any conflict of interests in our selection process. Our goals are aligned with your goals.

Our experience in Asia has dramatically evolved over the past three years. Most of our Asian clients want to invest in American innovation. The transnational capital flows are now primarily from Asia to North America and Transamerica. Today, that most often means Asian investors and companies seeking a minority equity stake in an early stage company. In return, they often want an agreement to cooperatively integrate some staff; develop joint ownership in intellectual property going forward; and upon achieving joint goals, the right to establishment of a subsidiary or distribution network in their country. This form of investment and joint venture can often be very advantageous to an early stage start-up. It can obviate the need for multi-stage and multi-round venture capital investment. Which most often leads to severe dilution and even control and take-over of the founder's enterprise.   

Consequently, with the new paradigm of global capital flows, global finance, and multi-party ventures now taking hold, many new partnering, co-development, joint venture, and other stratagems are now available to the entrepreneur. Stratagems that were not present just few years ago. And opportunities for capitalization and establishing a global image, brand, and presence far earlier in an start-up's life than ever before!


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