Beagle Holdings, LLC is a technology and strategic projects company. It specializes in global project creation, transnational partnering, and advanced technology endeavors.  It provides strategic consulting and advisory services as well as technical support. It is a gateway to Asia with long-time trusted senior colleagues and significant networks in China, India, South Korea, Northwest Canada, and all along the Pacific Rim.

Beagle Holdings alliance and affiliate partners include a large number of scientific, systems engineering/ technical assistance experts and innovative companies.It’s affiliated Zazi Forum has associates and members who are renowned in next generation ultra-safe nuclear fuels and small modular reactors; advanced technology biomass alternative energy systems; leading-edge nano-technology and materials sciences products and applications; and the disciplines of ceramic engineering, chemistry, computational physics, mathematics, and fluid dynamics.

Beagle Holdings has affiliated experts and long time associates in Asia, the USA, Canada, the Pacific Transamerica, and more recently Eastern Europe. Beagle Holdings also partners with private equity, capital, and global transaction firms who often provide the operating financial models, capital and growth opportunities, and public/private financing interfaces needed to develop new large scale projects and sustain liquidity and growth.


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